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Planet Lighting (Shenzhen) Group Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, after years of development, integration, and reorganization, is a professional company specializing in high-end LED panel lights, LED downlights, spotlights and other lighting The well-known manufacturing enterprises in the industry for product development, manufacturing and sales, with well-trained engineers and sales teams, advanced production equipment and testing equipment, in the spirit of "service is the foundation, technology is the core, quality is life", Dedicated to provide our customers with excellent products and satisfactory service. It is a most professional lighting manufacturer in Shenzhen. 24-hour hotline: 0755-36960879

Vision: carefully manufacture high-tech extreme products, and strive to become a global high-quality lighting manufacturer.

Mission: Focus on the lighting industry. Focus on quality and continuous innovation. Lead the development of the industry.

Purpose: Keep quality, focus on service, integrity-based, and create competitive high-quality lighting products for customers.

Values: The company creates the greatest value for customers, employees perform their duties with due diligence, and perfectly combine personal interests with corporate interests to promote company value.

Business philosophy: quality is demanding and excellent, service first, integrity and win-win.

Our core competitiveness: committed to professional outdoor lighting manufacturing for more than ten years. With team spirit, product innovation, strict quality control, and integrity.

About planetary lighting entrepreneurial spirit

Struggle --- only struggle can succeed. Only after a long-term struggle and unremitting efforts to complete the company's tasks can we achieve our own value.

Time --- Time is life. Time is the most precious thing, time is money, and the secret to completing the work is to cherish every minute of yourself.

Team --- is a spirit of cooperation. The team is the core of the enterprise, there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team, united together, united together.

Communication --- reach consensus. Communication allows team members to rely on each other, the problem is clear, the information is smooth, and the best way to solve all obstacles.

Responsibility is responsibility and obligation. Responsibility is the foundation of our company's work. Whether for customers or ourselves, we have to bear some responsibility.

   attitude decides everything. Attitude is a personal ability. If you are down-to-earth in everything, do not relax in your dreams, and take a positive and serious attitude towards your work, you will have merit.

Service --- is the soul of the enterprise. We have to serve with care, careful service to customers, patient service to customers, and enthusiastic service to customers.

Goal --- to guide the direction of the enterprise. Only with great courage and success, can you enter the high realm with a high starting point, and set a long-term goal in order to prosper.

Cooperation --- Achieve you and me. Sincere cooperation, Jinshi is open, mutual support, only to overcome challenges, excellent product quality, go hand in hand with the goal.

Thanksgiving is a virtue. We maintain an ordinary heart, learn to let go of our burdens, live a relaxed life, without resentment, with a grateful heart.


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